Cement Grinding Units running on 100% Renewable Energy

April 25, 2022

UltraTech is committed to increase the share of green energy in its electricity mix to 34% by 2024 and eventually transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. As a significant milestone, two cement grinding units - Arakkonam Cement Works and Ginigera Cement Works - have transitioned completely to 100% renewable energy from solar and wind.

In the process, Arakkonam Cement Works and Ginigera Cement Works achieved a carbon emission savings of 16,500 tonnes (over 6 months operation) and 23,000 tonnes (over 2 months operation) respectively through 100% green energy usage.

Plant Name, State Arrakonam Cement Works, Tamil Nadu Ginigera Cement Works, Karnataka
Plant Type Grinding Unit Grinding Unit
Duration 100% RE for 6 months in FY 2020-21 100% RE for 6 months in FY 2020-21
Source of Energy Wind Energy Wind and Solar Energy

In addition to procuring RE, UltraTech limited has finetuned its manufacturing processes to optimise consumption along the following energy centres:

  • Grinding Mill
  • Conveying system
  • Emission control system
  • Cement Packing and loading
  • Auxiliary consumption (Lighting, HVAC)
  • Hot Air Generation