State wise Limestone blocks auctioned since 2015 till November 2021

January 6, 2022
Source: CMA analysis based on Parliament (Loksabha) Question no 1690, accessed from

The above chart shows a snapshot of 41 limestone blocks successfully auctioned since 2015 till November 2021, across 9 States. Total value of estimated resources (VER) is approximately INR 1.94 lakh crore, lead by Rajasthan with 8 blocks representing 28% of total VER, followed by Gujarat (7 blocks, 24%), Chhattisgarh (8 blocks, 22%), Karnataka (1 block, 8%), Madhya Pradesh (6 blocks, 6%), Odisha (2 blocks, 6%), Andhra Pradesh (5 blocks, 4%), Maharashtra (2 blocks, 2%) and Jharkhand (2 blocks, <1%).

This illustrative also confirms that there is no correlation between the values of VER and winning bid premiums. Kathiya Pachri Block in Chhattisgarh observed the highest bid premium at 150.1%, whereas, Gojoli-Somanpalli-Dongargaon block in Maharashtra received the lowest bid premium at 5.2%. Interestingly, a single auctioned block in Karnataka, namely, Kannur wadi block, has the highest VER with almost 4 times of the average VER of total auctioned blocks.