Cement Energy and Environment

Editorial Board N.A. Viswanathan Dr. S.K. Handoo Ashwani Pahuja Executive Advisory Board S.K. Wali - Chairman L. Rajasekar Dr. K.C. Narang Sanjay Agarwal Dr. Subrato Chowdhury Dr. S.P. Pandey Dr. D. Venkateswaran Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Naveen Kumar Sharma Kamal Kumar Assistant Editor K.K. Roy Chowdhury Secretarial Assistance Harish Papnai V. Premanand Contact Cement Manufacturers' Association, CMA Tower, A-2E, Sector 24, Noida -201301 (U.P.), India Tel: 91120 2411955/57/58 Fax: 91120 2411956 E-mail: cmand@cmaindia.org Website: www.cmaindia.org Vol. 15, No.3 & 4 Jul- Dec, 2016 Indian Cement Industry : Path Ahead The Indian Cement Industry has had a history of being proactive and having registered exponential growth over the years through regular technological upgradation and by making huge investments. However, currently the cement industry Is facing humongous challenges, burdened as it is with a substantial idle capacity of over 100 Mt worth of Cement Capacity, amidst a low demand scenario. With the Government having taken policy measures to revive the saggmg economy, Cement demand vis-a-vis Cement production capacity is expected to improve steadily. However, this will call for effectively addressing the challenges being faced by the Cement industry including the Regulatory, Financial and other bottlenecks coming in the way. Also, as the Paris Climate Agreement (CoP 21) stands ratified now, the Govt of India is committed to meet its INDC Targets as pledged by it in the Agreement. All these would obviously raise demand on the performance of the Cement Technologies deployed too, in relation to Mining, Energy