Cement and Energy

- CEMENT and ENERGY f.rl Vol. I No.4 October 1997 • • • • 9 • • • 1--- EDITORIAL BOARD R. Partha Sarathy Dr. S.P. Ghosh P.K. Tikku Y.K. Arora S.Y. Joshi CONTENTS Dalmia Wind Farm Wind Energy in California,USA Case studies on use of mi neral izers for reducing energy consumption in cli nkerisation Energy Conservation - Round Up NCB Energy Effi ciency Awards - Orient Cement , Devapur - Chettinad Cement. Puliyur - Mysore Cements Ltd, Ammasandra The Sky's the Limit Slag put through the Mill Forthcoming Events For Private Circulation 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 MUPPANDAL DALMIA WIND FARM D almia Wind Farm was started through installation of 9 Nos. of 250 KW wind electric generators (WEG) at Muppandal in the year, 1993. Additional capacity was added in stages and as on date installed capaci ty is 13.525 MW at Muppandal and Karunkulam sites as detailed below : - Phase - 9 x 250 KW II - Phase 9 x 250 KW ill - Phase - 10 x 400 KW IV - Phase - 12 x 250 KW KARUNKULAM V - Phase - 9 x 225 KW Wind mills working at Muppandal site are connected to a central control and monitoring system, which helps in improving the availability of individual WEGs thereby increasing the power generation. In general, achieved avai lability is 95% and above barring few stray cases of bl ade failures and Gear box failures. Though the WEGs are not requiring much of maintenance, but neglecting preventive maintenance might lead to lower availability of WEGs. In general, the operation and maintenance cost of WEGs works out to 3 to 5% of the installation cost. Hurdles to be Removed I. High Rt>at'tive Po\-\ t>r Consumption Most of the WEGs are havi ng the high reacti ve power consumption problem. Thorough study of electrical system with new innovative technology can onl y provide a solution for the above problem.