Cement and Energy

CEMENT and ENERGY A QUARTERLY NEWS LETTER Vol. I No. 3 July 1997 .EDITORIAL BOARD SURFACE MINER- AN ENERGY R. Partha Sarathy EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVE TO Dr. S.P. Ghosh CONVENTIONAL MINING P.K. Tikku V.K. Arora S.V. Joshi The conventional mining methods especially in cement industry, ever since the industry is operative, is only open cast mining for CONTENTS limestone. The advent of huge earth moving equipment and shovels paved way for mechanising the mines two decades ago and by and • Surface Miner - An Energy large almost all cement plants in India used the same mechanised Efficient Alternative conventional open cast mining for excavating the limestone required ·~ to Conventional Mining for their plant usage. • Energy Saving Through Fan 2 Efficiency Improvement Mining limestone with Surface Miner is of very recent origin in India and it has got definite advantages over the conventional mining. • Energy Efficiency 5 Improvement in Indian • First of all the mining with surface miner eliminates totally Cement Industry drilling and blasting. • NCB Energy Efficiency Awards 9 • Surface Miner performs in situ crushing while mining, which Birla Cement Works,Chlttorgarh eases out the problems encountered in the transportation of - limestone to the crusher. - Saurashtra Cement & Chemical lnds. Ltd, Ranavav • The system needs no separate loading arrangement and the - The ACCLtd, Mancherial machine loads the material directly to the trucks/dumpers. - The ACC Ltd, Bhupendra The need for haul road maintenance is drastically reduced, • • New Mill Design from 11 since the mine surface with the surface miner is very gradual FL SMIDTH and uniform. • Mineralised Cement 12 • The biggest advantage with Surface Miner is that it eliminates Reduces Energy Consumption primary crushing, since the product size will be maximum 150mm and 50% will be less than 75mm. • Forthcoming Events 13 • Surface Miner ensures winning of limestone to the maximum For Private Circulation possible extent and hence the reserve is fully exploited.