Wagon Availability: Regular and consistent availability of wagons, including two-point and mini rakes to the cement plants, is a big causality. Non-availability of wagons throw into disarray the dispatch plans and affect production of cement. Need to arrive at a long term solution in line with expected industry requirements.

Frequent shifting of priorities of Rakes by Railways to various sectors i.e. Fertilizer, Foodgrain and Power resulting in substantial despatch losses to the cement companies as it is not possible for them to shift their mode of transport frequently. 

Inadequate infrastructure facilities at Terminals like platform, double line, access road etc., on the Railways fronts, are hampering the evacuation of material from wagons, leading to frequent demurrage and wharfage charges being paid by cement plants.

Operational Problems: Regular corrections by Railways in their policy circulars, in a bid to increase the turnaround of wagons and also generate more revenues, have not only created for the cement plants operational problems both at loading and unloading points but have also made them liable to pay steep penalties, wharfage and demurrage charges.

A few policy decisions which had affected the industry are: significant increase in carrying capacity of wagons and reduction in the permissible free time for loading/unloading of wagons; significant increase in Busy Season Surcharge from 7 to 15% in last three years; round-the clock working at Terminals, which is not feasible due to constraints related to infrastructure and labour availability, etc.

Counting of free time for the second rake, simultaneously placed, be commenced only after the free time for loading/unloading in the first rake is over as Industry is heavily paying penalties on this count without their fault.

High capacity BCNHL wagons can be used effectively only if they are at least permitted for two-point destinations to meet the demand of smaller markets and corresponding free-time for such wagons be increased to 13 hrs. from the present 11 hrs. 

Zonal Railways suddenly withdraw the permitted Two-point Rakes facility without any prior information to the users. This severely affects the dispatch Plans of the Cement units. This may be avoided. Even if it is required on some operational grounds, cement units may kindly be informed in advance.